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Maryland MVA Flag Removal

Some of the common reasons why a flag may be placed

Insurance compliance violation

The MVA’s vehicle insurance records indicate a problem. See Insurance Requirements for Maryland Vehicles for information about insurance requirements

Red light camera violation

Your vehicle was captured in a photograph showing that it ran a red light 

Law enforcement agency referral

A law enforcement agency requested the placement of a flag for a variety of reasons

Returned Check

You may have submitted a check to the MVA that was not processed by your bank

Safety Equipment Repair Order (SERO) violation

You may not have returned proof that your vehicle was repaired after being stopped for a safety-related problem (e.g., headlight was burned out). See the infoMVA process description entitled Safety Equipment Repair Order (SERO) for more information.

Abandoned vehicle violation

a law enforcement agency identified your vehicle as abandoned

Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) violation

The MVA’s records on your vehicle’s emissions inspections indicate a problem. See Vehicle Emissions for more information

Vehicle Title Violation

A problem may exist in connection with the titling of your vehicle

​The MVA may place a flag on your vehicle’s record upon the request of an authorized flagging entity such as a local police agency. Most flags are associated with an unresolved problem such as vehicle emissions, insurance compliance, parking ticket, red light, speed or toll violation. The presence of a flag on your vehicle’s record will prevent you from completing certain types of MVA transactions such as renewing your vehicle’s registration.

Flags resulting from the vehicle owner’s failure to resolve a parking violation
Flags resulting from the vehicle owner’s failure to resolve a toll violation
Flags resulting from the vehicle owner’s failure to resolve a speed camera violation captured by an automated camera system
Flags resulting from the vehicle owner’s failure to resolve a red-light violation captured by an automated camera system
The MVA places an additional, administrative fee flag if the original flag was placed as a result of a red light camera violation, parking violation, speed camera violation, or toll facilities violation.

When a flag is placed on your vehicle’s record, you will be prevented from

Renewing the vehicle’s registration
Transferring the vehicle’s license plates to another vehicle
Obtaining substitute license plates for the vehicle
Obtaining a duplicate registration card
A few flags can cause even more serious consequences for you, such as subjecting your license plates to immediate retrieval by law enforcement agencies

When is an administrative fee charged by the MVA

Parking violation
Toll Violation
Red Light Captured By Camera
Speed Violation Captured By Camera
The customer must pay all fines imposed by the flagging entity before a flag can be removed
An additional administrative fee is charged by the MVA for a flag involving a parking, toll, speed camera or red-light camera violation
If your flag is associated with a parking, toll speed camera or red-light camera citation, you also must pay the MVA’s administrative fee. You may pay this fee either before or after you resolve the original problem
After you have complied with all requirements, the entity may provide a flag release which you need to present to the MVA before requesting a vehicle-related transaction. Only the entity that requested the flag placement is authorized to request its deletion; sometimes, the deletion of the flag may take several weeks

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